Monday, 28 April 2008

we love illustration!

Hannah Shaw - Evil Weasel

Hannah Shaw
did foundation at Stroud Art College and when i was a student there she came back to do some workshops with us. Its amazing that just a few years later she is now being published by random house. It has made it more of a reality that in a few years time i could be doing the same thing!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Mindins O the Fower Winds

This is the first draft of an illustration for a poem called The Mindins O the Fower Winds.

The Mindins O the Fower Winds

The Suddron wind,
remembers melt:
the firstlin fowk
Black Bear and Elk.

The Aist Wind
out the Baltic Blows,
and minds Napoleon,
smoored with snow.

The Nor wind yowls,
asben it gaes
the lintil o
the Hawe at Maes.

The West wind greets
Aye greivin o
The touns in lochans
tint ablow.

The poet has remained anonymous so far, so i have interpretted it as i see fit and am looking forward to some feeback soon.