Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowy London!

Just got back from a lovely weekend in north London. Now I am back in The Shire ready for a restful family Christmas!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Finished dissertation!

So now this has finally been handed in I can post lots more drawings and fun things!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Feeling Christmassy!

Today I went along princes street as a break from writing my dissertation, everything was misty so people were wrapped in in all manner of wonderful knitted hats and scarves. I popped into Jenners to take a peek at there HUGE Christmas tree, and to look out for free cake!

Connie Viney created this cake as a public sculpture. She describes the project in an interview with Kamila Kocialkowska and Sarah Hardie in The Student.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Jolly Christmas Jumpers! Now available at Analogue Books Edinburgh.

A new edition of Jolly Jumpers 'Christmas Special' is now available from Analogue Books in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh. Please pop along to take a look not just at my work but all the other amazing artists books and zines available!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Illustration in The Student

This illustration was published in the November 10th edition of Edinburgh Uni's newspaper The Student. I am really happy to be working with the newspaper and hope to do some more work for them soon!

Monday, 9 November 2009

End Pages.

For my dissertation I have been working on a hand made book as part of a practice lead essay. Here is a little taste of my end pages design.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Saltburn Tramway Print

Some more Saltburn inspired prints, this time an image of some of the stained glass on the Saltburn Funicular Tramway. I also put some colour into my bookshop prints...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I finally started my dissertation practical!

Today after a lot of faffing and planning I started my letterpress experimentation, I think I will be printing the whole book using letterpress and screen printing on my images.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Saltburn Bookshop.

A new print hot off the press today! Inspired by a recent trip to Saltburn by the Sea, near Middlesborough. This was just printed in relief but I hope to print with the intaglio press another day. Patterned wallpaper is my newest collagraph discovery, I think it works really well here as the bricks.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

By Leaves We Live » SPL's annual book fair

Today I went to...
By Leaves We Live 2009: A celebration of artists' books and small presses

There were some amazing artists books there but my favourite (which I could not resist) was by Leonard Mc Dermid called a pocket guide to the sea. Every book he makes is typeset and letterpress printed by hand, and he uses lino cuts to illustrate some of the text. I think they are beautiful.

You can see (and purchase) some of his work here.

Friday, 25 September 2009

New semester new work!

Illustration for an editorial project. The article I chose is actually an advert for environmentally friendly cleaning staff.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Nomad Magazine

NomadMagazine is Edinburgh University’s political and cultural magazine – a vibrant forum for student journalism and creative writing.

As creative director I am looking for illustrators who are willing to illustrate articles for the Autumn winter issue. If you are interested please email me,

This is a great opportunity to have your work published and distributed around the city, and meet a great bunch of creative people based in edinburgh!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Some new prints!

Some lino experiments with (almost) symmetrical pattern.

Drypoint print from a drawing done at Chilford Hall, Cambridgeshire.

Flowers and printing press drawings.

A small selection of sketches from a drawing day at the Curwin Press study centre with Chloe Cheese as tutor.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Viking research

I have been researching for a new book and came across this name quiz at

Your viking name is...
Móeiðr Foecrusher

Your Viking Personality: You're a fearsome Viking, but you aren't completely uncivilized. The other Vikings make fun of you for that. You have a thirst for battle, and tend to strike first and think later. You're not a "berserker", but you're among the toughest sane Vikings around.

You might grumble a bit at the lack of amenities on board a Viking longboat, but you can handle it. Other Vikings would consider you "one of the guys" if you were a guy. (But even though you're a woman, they still think you're all right.)

You have a fairly pragmatic attitude towards life, and tend not to expend effort in areas where it would be wasted. Other people tend to think of you as manipulative and conniving.

Fairly accurate I reckon!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Back in the Shire!

My temporary studio in the conservatory! Its lovely and warm in the sun, and lovely and light!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Hi Everyone!

Just to let you know i now have an online shop, yay! Please visit it at your leisure! Although prices are listed in dollars UK credit and debit cards are accepted.