Saturday, 11 October 2014

Jealous East!


 As many of you are aware I have known Jealous for a few years now, I was introduced after winning their MA Graduate prize in 2012. Since meeting the Jealous gang I have interned at the Jealous Print studio, worked for the gallery, and we have become firm friends!

This summer Jealous underwent some very exciting developments. It started with an expansion of the print studio on Luke Street, spreading out over 2 floors, and adding artist studios to the third. Then the cafe at the bottom of the building became available and Jealous East was born! What was a pretty normal looking east London cafe, is now a beautiful white and polished concrete gallery space.

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the opening night of Jealous East. It was in true Jealous style, very cool, and very Jealous! On arrival we were greeted with Espresso Martinis, and throughout the night we feasted on delicious fancy Burgers and Chips, washing it down with tasty Camden lager. The art on the walls was (and still is currently) a showcase of Jealous work made since opening 6 years ago, like a tiny retrospective of the studio's work since the beginning.

The party spilled out into Luke street, and the buzz was amazing! We even got the chance to sneak up on to the roof for a view of Shoreditch, and the party going on below. I wish Jealous East the best of luck as it settles in to the Shoreditch scene, and I look forward to making work with Jealous Print Studio very soon!