Thursday, 19 March 2009

Illustration for 'The Arrival'

The Arrival

by Jonathan Shupe

I see you standing there
waiting for your love
In the breeze you look so fair
like the sun so high above

In your eyes, too strong to weep
to see nothing’s arrived
In your heart your tears did seep
from emotion that you’ve thrived

Of your pain met the covered sky
as rain, began to fall from sleep
There you gave your final sigh
Then for you, nature did weep

With your back to the clouds,
you started your walk
and followed your lonely road
As your foot hit the ground, you started to talk
to the person that never showed

Every word you pressed to speak
to you he did not reply
Again of him your ears do seek
no sound to hear, but a cry
to you that is so near
Can only be so far away, so far away as the sky

Edinburgh Resident/Tourist