Monday, 28 January 2013

Proofing 'YOU IS WELL FIT' for Jealous Gallery

This is the final stage of the print design, all the artwork has been created and the proofing process allows me to decide on exact colours before printing a stack of 25 copies. I chose bright primary yellow and red (you might have seen this combination before, it has become a favourite!) and a glossy black for the final layer. After proofing the print will be ready to edition, and my time at jealous is up, what a shame! Jealous is a fantastic print studio, with a load of brilliant staff- I will miss working there.

More pics of the Jealous print in progress...

Just a few snaps from the studio. I cut the first two layers from Rubylith, which is a double layer film that you can score with a sharp scalpel and peel away areas. The other pictures are of the exposed silk screens ready to print from... Exciting!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Print collaboration with Jealous Gallery

I am working on a screen print at the moment with Jealous Gallery at their studio in Shoreditch. I am using original lino prints to make up the layers to creat a screen print- sound a bit mad but all will become clear... Here are some pics of the process so far...