Saturday, 30 May 2009

New Collograph Prints

Fish Pattern Prints. I'm not sure how successful they are but it was a useful experiment.

Here is another print inspired by hunting for a new flat for September.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


My new picture book all about men and their favourite hobbies!

These books are now on sale in Analogue Book Shop, 102 West Bow Edinburgh (at the bottom of Victoria street in the Grassmarket).

A trip to Newcastle!

Last week I spent a couple of days in Newcastle, which was a welcome break from picture perfect Edinburgh! I visited the Angel of the North in Gateshead, which i have to say I thought would be bigger, but still very impressive!

I saw this peeling stencil poster down by the river, posted on a wall down a dark little alley.

The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary art had a really interesting exhibition on by Sarah Sze, an artist originally from Boston. Her exhibition was a world of found objects called Tilting Planet.

I love the way it looks like a tiny civilisation and a huge blank space can be taken over by groups of tiny sculptures. The whole exhibition reminded me of my art foundation course where we had four connected studios and began making interactive sculptures in each space using only one colour. Over a week we developed these sculptures and spread into the other spaces mixing the colours and creating our own world of ephemeral madness! Sarah Sze's exhibition inspired my to make some three dimensional work which i hope to begin soon.