Thursday, 27 January 2011


After playing around with some Gedeo craft resin I though my experiment had failing as the resin fused to the make-shift mould. But a few days later and i was playing around with it and a block of resin dropped out! I then managed to pop out all the other blocks too (using brute force and ignorance). The blocks are quite bubbly and have a strange cloudy pattern through them, which i think comes from using vegetable oil as mould release.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Nail bars of Peckham...

I have been working on this big lino cut for a week or so, this is it in progress. I took a proof today to check all was going well and I am quite pleased with the results. After dropping one of my lino tools i had trouble getting many fine lines, but now the lovely technicians at uni helped to fix it, so i can go back in a put lots more detail into the image. I am also thinking of adding some sort of border, hmmmm......


What an amazing building!

(Crazy amounts of tiny stuffed birds!)