Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I made this wee tapestry for a special someone on valentines day. Huskies rock my world!

Some more treats from one of my fave shops in Clapham Junction!

I just love the packaging on all of the products in the Jamie Oliver shop! The 'Jamettes' just make me think of singing fruits.....I also fancy a set of those scales!

Possibly the best desk storage EVER?


Under My Roof is a new project from Christian Vivanco (Found via Design Milk).
Mini houses to use as desk storage, SOLD!!!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

East Dulwich...

After a horrible gang incident in East Dulwich, a quiet middle class residential area, which left its residents more than a little shocked, I felt it was important to record this horrendous event. (To find out exactly what happened please click on the link below).

more and more and more resin!

Oh love this stuff! This time I experimented with drawing and printing onto tracing paper, and setting it into the resin, the smell is deadly, but the results are just so exciting!


I had a lovely day off on tuesday and paid my first visit to Brixton Village. I am familiar with Brixton Market, and really enjoy shopping there for cheap veg and other bargain treats! My friend Emily told me about Brixton Village indoor market a few months ago, and I have been looking forward to exploring it ever since. In 2009 Lambeth council teamed up with a local social enterprise with the aim of regenerating the vacant units in the once famous market, and it has been really successful. Now there are vintage clothes shops, old fashioned sweet shops, small art galleries, and an amazing selection of cafes. I had a really tasty lunch at a colombian cafe, everyone spoke spanish and there was a lovely friendly atmosphere!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More Resin Experiments!

After my first resin experiments I visited Tiranti's Sculpture Supplies on Warren Street (London). Here I picked up some silicone to make moulds with, and some more clear resin. I had found that the cheaper craft resin I was using initially goes cloudy when set in a silicone mould, weird. This new resin does not do this, however I am still not getting a totally smooth effect on the outside of the wee gems. Also I think i have had problems due to adding too much catalyst to the resin, which is making strange patterns on the surface. I am next going to try some polypropylene moulds which i found online, these promise to have good results, we shall see!!