Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New Screen Printing kit!- Failed attempt No1.

I recently purchased a home screen printing kit, I have been waiting to use it for a while and even built a hinged bed so I can hold the screen in place and print on my own. I don't have the facilities for exposing photo emulsion as yet, so I created my first print using screen drawing fluid and screen block. This was trickier to use than i anticipated and ended up putting the screen block on waaaaay to thick! As a result my image did not some out very well, and a lot of the detail was missing, bum.  Now I am just looking forward to creating my next print....wahoo!


Liam Hodgeon said...

Ive been looking at getting one of these. Which did you get? Is it any good?

Menna Jenkins said...

its a system 3 one which i got from amazon for about £50, so far its great!-I still need some practice with the drawing fluid and screen block, and i might buy some photo emulsion soon, but right now its brilliant!