Friday, 4 April 2014

Snazzy new press!!

I have been browsing for a small portable press for a while, after borrowing my mum's. It is so handy to quickly print something, and I would love to start teaching lino printing to others. Also though i have see small etching presses before my preferred press is a platen press. This is when the paper and block have pressure applied from above, rather than being squeezed through mangle style!

Anyways... printing brand Speedball has been making inks and small printing kits of years, but they seem to have recently expanded their offerings, and developed a mini platen press! I bought mine from Amazon US, and with shipping it was still under £70! Amazon uk were selling the exact same one for £113 + £7 shipping! There were some helpful reviews on the amazon site, and a couple of recommendations of how to slightly adapt the press to make it work even better, which I am looking forward to trying out. So far though i think its pretty great, i am yet to get a tip top perfect print, but I think it just need some time playing around to get it right.

I am super excited to have this press, and really looking forward to posting new work soon!

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